Win a Professional Logo Design
10 prizes available to be won

$1500 total prize value



Contest rules

Answer the question in our Facebook post “Why do you need a professional logo?” and you can win a professional logo design!


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To enter the contest, all you have to do is COMMENT on this Facebook post “Why do you need a logo design”!

Hurry up! Our contest ends on Wensday 29 september 10:00 GMT.

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Prize Details

10 lucky people will be awarded


1st place

1 x Custom logo
Win a custom logo design made by our team of designers.

  • 6 logo concepts
  • unlimited logo revisions
  • vector file
  • 7 days delivery time
  • full copyright
  • black & White version
  • 3 business card designs
  • 1 vector email signature
  • 1 social media kit


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2nd place

1 x Custom logo
Win a custom logo design made by our team of designers.

  • 4 logo concepts
  • unlimited logo revisions
  • vector file
  • 3 days delivery time
  • full copyright
  • black & White version
  • 1 business card designs


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3nd place

1 x Custom logo
Win a custom logo design made by our team of designers.

  • 2 logo concepts
  • 4 logo revisions
  • vector file
  • 2 days delivery time
  • full copyright


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4th -10th place

7 x Roven Logos
Choose one free logo from our website and we will adapt it according to your needs.

  • Changing logo font
  • Changing logo colors
  • Modifying logo text
  • Changing position of elements
  • Removing the unwanted elements
  • Other minor adjustments


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Contest rules



Roven Logos is running and administering this contest.

Contest period

This contest organized by Roven Logos will run for a period of 8 days from 21 September 2021 (10:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)) to 29 September 2021 (10:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)) (” Contest Period”).

Contest start date: 21 September 2021 (10:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT))

Contest end date: 29 September 2021 (10:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT))


All individuals from the entire world with the age above 18 can enter the contest. The contest is void in countries where is prohibited.

How to enter

All participants need to have a valid Facebook account.

During the contest period, all eligible persons have to comment on our post with the answer of the question “Why do you need a professional logo?”. The participants that do not answers to the question “Why do you need a professional logo?” will not be included in the contest. Offensive, sexist, obscene, profane, racist, vulgare, harassing comments will be removed from the post and will not enter the contest.

All answers have to be in English language.

*Note: No purchase is required for entering the contest and a purchase of our services doesn’t increase your chances of winning.

Prize description

1st place prize: 1 x Custom logo PLATINUM PLAN

2nd place prize: 1 x Custom logo PRO PLAN

3rd place prize: 1 x Custom logo STANDARD PLAN

4th – 10th place prize: 1 x Roven Logos CUSTOMIZATION LOGO

Logo design concepts – We will develop the logo design concepts around the brief that you send us if you are a winner. Depending on the prize you win, we will send you 2, 4 or 6 design concepts for your logo.

Logo design revisions – These are the changes we will make to the logo design concepts. For each concept we will make the changes you ask for. The number of changes depends on the type of prize you have won. For the Standard prize you will be entitled to 4 revisions while for the Pro and Platinum plans the number of revisions is unlimited.

Vector file – All the logos you will receive will be in vector format. You will receive an archive of high-quality files with your logo, including AI, EPS, JPG and PNG formats.

Delivery time – The number of business days in which you will receive the initial version of the logo. This period does not include the time required to perform the revisions you will request.

Full copyright – You will own the full copyright to your logo. You’re free to use your logo for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, and you have full ownership of it.

Black & White version – If you have won the Pro or Platinum prize, you will receive a monochrome version of your logo also.

Business card designs – We want to help your business stand out with high quality business cards. You will get 1 business card concept if you have won the Pro prize and 3 concepts for the Platinum prize.

Vector email signature – If you won the platinum prize we will include in the package an email signature in vector format which will give your email a fresh and modern look.

Social media kit – If you won the platinum prize we will include in the package an archive of graphics for your social media accounts to run successful social media & digital marketing campaigns.

Draw and winner selection

One person (Facebook account holder) can participate with only one (1) entry in the contest. If a person (Facebook account holder) comments multiple times, only one (1) entry will enter the contest.

After the contest finishes, we will introduce all the participants in file and give them numbers based on the entry time from 1 to the number of participants. The winners will be selected randomly using www.random.org number generator. The process will be made in 10 steps. First, we will draw the 10th place and so one to the grand winner. The winner’s selection will be done in a live video on our Facebook page for full transparency.

Contest winners will be announced in our live video and published on our Facebook page on the 30th of September 2021.

Roven Logos will reach out via Facebook private message each of the participants who have been selected the Winners within two (2) to four (4) working days after the date they were announced as winners. The selected participants must reply by private message within five (5) working day of notification and provide us with a contact email address.

The email address that the participant will provide us, will be used to send the prize won.

If a selected participant cannot be contacted by private Facebook message within five (5) working days after the date he/she was announced as winner, then the participant will be disqualified and will forfeit the prize, and Roven Logos reserves the right to select an alternate entrant from among the remaining eligible entries.

Personal information

We do not collect any personal information during the contest.


Any disputes that may appear during or after the contest will be solved after sending us the details here: contact form. Depending on the type of dispute claimed, we will address the competent authority. The entity that organizes the contest is from Romania and is subject to the laws of the country of origin


This competition is not part of any partnership with Facebook, and that it is entirely independent of the Facebook social network.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Roven Logos and not to Facebook. By participating in this contest you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any claims.

Facebook will not assist us in the administration of this promotion, and we agree that we use this service to administer our promotion at our own risk.

Roven Logos reserves the right to use winners Facebook profile names in a post announcing the winners of the contest.

Roven Logos reserves the right to cancel, revise, terminate or suspend the Contest with notice if an exceptional situation occurs and prevents us to run the contest.

These terms and conditions may be varied or changed by Roven Logos by way of posting on our Facebook Page or Webpage. The Eligible Persons who had participated in the Contest are deemed to have accessed Roven Logos Facebook page and/or Roven Logos’s website at https://rovenlogos.com/september-2021-facebook-contest/ (“Website”) and to have knowledge of and to have agreed to any changes or variations to these terms and conditions. The Eligible Persons agree that their continued participation in the Contest will constitute their acceptance of these terms and conditions (as varied or changed).

Date of the present contest rules: 21 sept 2021.

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