Edit text in illustrator

1. Select the Type Tool

2. Select and highlight your text

3. Type your company name, or what you want the logo to represent

*note: if there are more text fields in the logo, it will be necessary to edit each one separately.

Add text field for slogan

1. Select the type tool and click the artboard

2. Align your text to the logo

3. Type your text

Basic text editing

1. Select and highlight the text you want to edit

2. Use the Properties panel on the right to change font, style and size

*note: if you are using an older version of illustrator you will need to press Control+T (Windows) or
Command+T (macOS) to activate the Character panel

Group and ungroup

1. Select the objects you want to group or ungroup

2. Click on the Object menu and the Group or Ungroup option

Change color

1. Select the object or group you want to recolor

2. Click on the Recolor Artwork button from the control bar to open the Recolor Artwork window

3. Select the color you want to replace in the Current Colors lift

4. Drag the Hue, Saturation and Blackness sliders to choose your color

*note: you can change black and white colors in the color picker window

Attach foreign objects or text fields to your logo

1. Select your logo

2. Ungroup your background from the logo element

3. Group foreign object or text field to logo element

4. Group your logo with the background

*note: align your objects or text fields inside the artboard

Export as JPEG or PNG

1. Select the File menu

2. Hover over export and click on Export As

3. Choose your destination folder

4. Type the name you want to save your logo as in the File name field

5. In the Save as type dropdown select JPEG or PNG

6. Tick Use Artboards

7. Click on Export

8. Choose your export Options and click OK

Export as transparent PNG

1. Ungroup your background from your logo

2. Delete or hide your background in the Layers menu

3. Select your logo and follow previous instructions by selecting PNG, until you click on the Export Button

4. In the PNG Options change Background color to Transparent

5. Click OK

Save your logo

1. Select the File menu and click on Save As

2. Choose your destination folder

3. Type the name you want to save your logo as in the File name field

4. Select Save and then OK

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