Choosing the right logo design for your company is no easy task. Anybody who has ever founded a company, or has been in charge of branding a product or a new service can confirm it.
When you choose a logo for your business, you’re not just choosing an image, a photo, or a few lines with a slogan written under it. You’re choosing a path, a strategy, an identity! You’re creating something new, something that needs to stand out, something that needs to make everybody understand what your company is about at first sight.
This is why searching for the right logo design to meet your needs, standards and branding guidelines is not a process that should be taken lightly. In other words, you could say that choosing the best logo for your company is like building the foundation of your home.

Without a strong foundation, any building starts crumbling down.

Your logo should be your business card. It’s the thing that builds the first impression and it can mean the difference between being contacted by a new client, or getting passed over for a company with a fresher, more dynamic and more professional loo

1.Choose your colours right

What does your company stand for? What do you want to communicate to your target audience? What do you want to achieve with your logo?

These are the first questions you should ask yourself when choosing the colours of your logo. Try to identify the key colour pallet used in your industry. After doing an extensive research, and after having found what colours clearly indicate to your sector of activity, you have to decide whether you want a colour that clearly indicates what your line of business is, or if you want something completely different.

Why would you do that, you may ask. If you choose a colour specific to your line of business, you have the advantage that people will already have an idea about what your company is about, the moment they see your logo. However, this comes with a disadvantage, because the more you resemble other companies in your field, the harder it is to stand out.

This is where choosing colours from outside your industry plays a big role. It will make your brand easily stand out of the crowd, but people will have a harder time figuring out what your company does. Based on your business plan, you need to choose one of these two strategies.

2.Choose the right logo design

First you have to choose for a logo designer, and after viewing his portfolio, you’ll have to request a quote from him, based on your specific needs and requirements. A good logo designer will also come up with a few suggestions and tips & tricks on how to better showcase your company’s features and strengths.

If you’re not willing to spend a fortune on an experienced logo designer, there are still other methods to choose the best logo design for you and your business. Roven Logos offers a large variety of free logos for your business, from fresh-talented designers who want to build their portfolios.

They offer their logo designs for free in order to help out companies who are just starting out and are working on a budget, and this way, their designs will also get visibility through your company.

We believe that everybody deserves a perfect logo, and if you can’t find a free one that suits your needs, be sure to contact our logo designers in order to get a custom logo tailored to your branding requirements.