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    Answers from the Roven Logos Team

    Hov can I support Roven Logos project?

    Tell your friends about Roven Logos by adding the link below on your website. Please use the following code:

    <a href=""></a>

    What is Roven Logos?

    RovenLogos is an attempt to bring easy-to-use logos to anyone willing to use them. It’s an ongoing project and new logos are added constantly.
    You can benefit of a source of free logos for personal and commercial use.

    The goal of Roven Logos is that it should allow anyone with a computer and an internet connection who needs a free logo for their website or blog post, whether it be personal use or commercial use, access to this collection free of charge.

    Are the logos on Roven Logos free?

    Yes. All logos from our website are 100% free to download and use in unlimited personal or commercial projects for yourself or for your clients.
    Attribution is not required, but we encourage you to give credit to our contributors.

    Can I sell the logos from Roven Logos?

    No. You aren’t allowed to sell logos that you have downloaded form Roven Logos. You are not allowed to redistribute/sell the item as stock on its own or bundled.

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