Free travel and holiday logos

Do you need a free travel and holiday logo? Download your own travel agency or hotel logo from

If you have a travel agency, it is very important to have a memorable logo, which will differentiate you from the competition, to attract the attention of customers and to transform your company into a brand that will remain in people's memory. Companies operating in the field of tourism must have a very well developed marketing strategy and some attractive packages. Browse our collection of logos that you can download for free and through which you can arouse customers' desire to exploit new and sunny locations.

Travel and holiday logo design

Travel and holiday logo design is an important factor for a hotel's image. Its role is to communicate to customers what that hotel offers. In a highly competitive hospitality industry, it is essential to have a logo that sets you apart from the crowd. Choose and download from our collection a logo for hotel, motel or hostel and express the spirit and emotion of your business.

Travel agency logo design

Do you want to be able to fly off to any country in the world? Travel agency logos are your best bet for a successful career in tourism. A well-designed logo will entice people into the agency. In order to achieve success in a travel company it is necessary not only create an original logo of tourist company but also take care of the image sustainability.

Tourism logo design

Tourism has become one of the world's largest industries, so it's important to promote your tourism brand. A logo for a tourist destination could be anything as simple as a mark with quick, smart text like "Visit Seattle!". But you need to think about what your audience will want to see in order to connect with them. You should ask yourself if the logo will be used on promotional materials or official logos and identify the core values that attract tourists.

Vacation logo design

Vacation logo design is the process of designing a logo for a company that typically provides services during the summer or winter vacation periods.

Resort logo design

You've probably seen it before, a resort with the perfect location, the most luxurious amenities and breathtaking views. But what you might not have noticed is how poorly designed the logo for that resort looks! There are a lot of resorts out there that invest so much time and money into the design of their website, but then when it comes to their logo they're satisfied with a quick sketch on PowerPoint slide.

Now that may not seem like a big deal. But when you're trying to convince people to book their vacation at your resort, whatever the look of the logo you've got in place is going to make an impact. If it's plain and boring, or if it stands out in a negative way, people are likely to pass on your resort as compare to one that has a logo they can identify with. And for a large corporation like yourself who wants to put your brand name out there without any controversy, there's nothing worse than an underwhelming logo. So what should you do if you want your logo to look first-rate? You need a designer or download a free logo from our website.

Hotel logo design

Hotels and other travel related businesses have a need to stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and create a lasting impression. Having a good logo design for a hotel or resort can be incredibly profitable. First, you are standing out from other hotels, which is good for your business. Second, your logo will also be used as a marketing tool on signage and advertisements so you get more visibility and customers keep coming back to your property. Thirdly, hotel logos are designed to be memorable and easy for people to draw from memory once they have visited the property. This creates additional brand recognition that can ultimately lead to increased revenue streams in the form of more bookings.

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