Free IT and gaming logos

Do you need a free IT and gaming logos? Impress your competitors with a good looking logo for your brand. It is very easy to download a logo from our website for free. A real gamer needs a cool logo! Find the logo that suits you.

IT and games logo design

In the world of video games, it is important to have a logo that highlights the game you have created or the gaming company. Every video game needs a logo that people will remember when they think of that game. The logo must express the essence of the game or the brand.

Our designers used modern, bright color fonts in the logo designs they created. When we create a logo template for gaming, we always think about who your audience is and the community they address. That's why we made several types of logos for children, teenagers or older players. Those who see your logo will have to know from the beginning the kind of game they are dealing with and recognize it whenever they see it.

Are you ready to get a fabulous gaming logo? Browse our portfolio and download it from

IT logo design is a major part of the corporate branding process. It's important for any business, but especially for those in technology and computer sales, to choose a great logo and identity. When creating a IT or gaming logo we follow these simple guidelines:

1) We keep it simple- there are no rules on how complex or easy an IT logo can be, but we always remember that less is more!

2) We include an icon- Iconography is all around us. Your company's identity should have some recognizable symbol that people can relate with, making it easier to understand the brand and convey its message more effectively.

3) We use of color- this is the most important part of your logo as it helps people visualize and remember your logo.

4) We are consistent- Like in all things, consistency is key. We make sure each element matches with each other to create a cohesive effect.

5) We research the IT market- The number of IT companies is steadily increasing and there are more than enough which we can use as references for the design phase of the process. There are certain trends and details that stick out, whether they are technical or not, which will influence how we design your logo.

Gamer and video games logos design

Are you looking for a unique design for your new game logo? Do you need a quick and easy way to download something eye catching? This is the website for you! You can find many unique logos for games like Minecraft and League of Legends that were created by professional designers. All you need to do is spend a few minutes browsing this website. There is no doubt in my mind that your logo will be ready before long!

What is a gamer? A person that plays video games. How do we design a logo for them? Depending on the game, one may have to consider the theme and type of character to determine what should be included in the design. For example, if it is an RPG game, one might choose a more medieval style with weapons and shields. If it is a Sci-Fi game, then maybe something futuristic with lasers would work well.

Game controller logo design

Game controller logo design are typically minimalist and unique, but the designs themselves vary. Some of the designs have a bright color scheme, whereas others use letters and numbers to present their logo. Regardless of what type of design is used, game controller logos are usually simple yet attractive in their own way.

The general goal for each logo is for it to be easily recognizable as a symbol representing a particular console or company that manufactures them (such as Nintendo or Sony), while still having an appealing visual style that makes it easy for consumers to remember.

Gaming community logos

Gaming communities are made up of so many different people, and with that comes a lot of different interests. Some will play on PC, others will go mobile. To connect with these various gamers, it helps to not only have some semblance of an identity for your community but also a logo that reflects what they stand for in the way they play games. This website will help you find the perfect logo for your website or game!

Joystick logo design

A video game console is nothing without a controller. This object, which can also be a joystick, is responsible for controlling the on-screen cursor in games and programs of all sorts. And the way it's designed and used in these products influences how people work with them. A great example is the joystick logo design which represents an external controller, that translates player inputs into game movements. If you’ve ever played a video game, then you know that this might be one of the most important controllers to have when it comes to gaming console wars and competitions

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