Free education logos

Do you need a free education logo? If you have started a business in the field of education or you need a logo in the institution where you work, you can find the right logo with us. Logos in this category are suitable for universities, kindergartens, schools, academies, training centers, summer, schools, libraries, book stores, colleges, or any other type of educational unit.

Education logo design

If you want to download a logo with a unique design and that will attract the public's attention, look no further because you have reached the right place! Most designs are based on icons that include graduation caps, owl images or books.

If you want a different logo than the ones you found on our website, we are always at your disposal with the custom logo design service. You will thus have an original logo, according to your requirements.

Our educational logo designs are created by professionals in the field of graphic design, who have many years of experience. All documents are in vector format and are completely free.

Do you own a business in the education and need a free logo design​? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you could use the services of our website. Our designers have over a decade's experience in logo design for businesses and organizations related to education.

Educational logos can be complex and require precision in their design. For a successful new logo, your audience should be able to recognize the image from across the room. Whatever you think of when you hear “education” – schools, teachers, scoring tests, students - there are three schools of thought on how best to style an educational logo: a representation of education as an open book with title inside and pages fluttering upwards; as a person (or being) with one hand open and the other closed carrying an apple in her pocket; or as a stylized text that is not only readable at first glance but also reflective of what you teach.

Learning logo design

Learning logos are a fun way to encourage students to think creatively about how they are learning, as well as a great way for educators to share lesson plans with colleagues.

Education-related businesses face different challenges in terms of marketing and branding that other types of businesses don’t have to contend with – but for students and teachers, there is nothing more important than the clothes their reputations wear. That’s why keeping your learning logo design simple yet professional is key.

Student logo design

The school logo is a fundamental part of student life. Check your school handbook, take a look at the school website, and you’ll find logos all over the place. But what makes a logo successful? What makes it stand out and make an impact? Student logo design is an important part of any organization. The logo is the symbol that identifies your school. It should represent the core values and goals of the institution, while also providing a sense of pride amongst its members.

Teacher logo design

One of the most important things you will have to do as a new teacher is decided on a logo design for your business. A teacher is the one person who has influenced more people then anyone else in our lifetime. When choosing a logo for an individual or organization that has anything to do with teaching, it is important to clarify the meaning of the word “teacher” in order to make sure your audience understands what you are communicating.

Different communities interpret their teachers in different ways and professionals require logos with graphics specific to their work: one of a doctor, lawyer, scientist, artist or shopkeeper. It is important that you know what your audience will associate with a “teacher” so you can create an image that resonates with them.

Graduation logo design

When it comes to your graduation logo needs there's no one better than us. Everybody wants to go out with a bang, and the most powerful way to do that is using an eye-catching graduate logo design. Graduation is a great time to get your name out there and start your career. It's also important that you are creating something memorable that reflects who you are as an individual, or what you stand for in the world. You should also be sure that it feels appropriate for your venue or tradition. Your grad logo design has to feel as special as the ones they create in movies, magazines, and universities.

Professor logo design

The logo design for professor stands out and is instantly recognizable. Behind this gray and black silhouette with wrinkles, glasses, and a pipe, you can see the academic gowns in their full glory. The colored symbols that make up the profile picture also help to distinguish the professor from any other student.

We specialize in providing original graphic design services. We know that it can be hard to keep up with the times and seem progressive without spending lots of money on flashy logos. No need to worry anymore! We created a list of beautifully minimalistic logos just for professors like yourself.

Degree logo design

Advertising has always been an important aspect of education, but as time has passed, universities and colleges have found more effective ways to convey their message through the art of logo design.

A postgraduate degree is no longer just a piece of paper with a fancy word on it. The meaning behind it must be transmitted through the visual aspect too. It's not enough to just say you have a graduate degree anymore; people must also know exactly which level you have attained in order to see your success in its full breadth and make sense of it.

Diploma logo design

A diploma is an award or a document that's given to people who have finished an undergraduate or graduate degree. The standard design symbolizes the completion of a course of study and is issued in recognition of this achievement. The design process for a diploma logo can be as extensive as the degree itself, and it must reflect the personality and culture of the institution that awards it.

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