Free art and design logos

Do you need a free art or design logo? If you have a business in the field of art or design, here you can find a free logo for your business or for your project. Our logos are suitable for art galleries, shops or an artist's website. A logo can, according to some psychologists, represent the personality of a company and create an emotional connection with potential customers. When companies have logos that represent values or aspects of their culture, those values or aspects can be taken into consideration when they make decisions about doing business with these particular clients.

Art logo design

Whether you teach an art course, or you are a painter, or you own an art gallery, you need an exceptional logo to attract clients and art lovers. We offer you inspiration for art logo design, you just have to browse our vast gallery of logos.

This website contains logos that any company can use and modify, as well as logos specially designed for the Arts industry. These art logo designs give you a glimpse of what is waiting for you on this site: logos with intricate details, earthy colors, original shapes and more. is the best website to find new and unique logo designs for artists, illustrators, designers and other creatives worldwide.

Antique logos

If you're looking for antique logos but don't want to spend a ton of time searching to find the perfect one, we've got you covered. We have compiled a list of the best antiques logos so that your search can be stress free.

An antique logo design holds a certain nostalgia. They're reminiscent of the simpler times before computers took over the world and fireflies lit up the sky. It's like stepping into an alternative history timeline, where cars were still made by hand in garages.

What do antique logos look like? Well, they can vary in shape and design, but many antique logos retain their original shape. Old vintage logos have a nostalgic charm to them that makes them feel more alive. For some, the originality of these old logos may be the main attraction!

Artist logos design

If you are an artist, you will want a logo to accompany your work. A logo is a way for someone to identify who the artist is and what they do. A good logo design can make an artist's work stand out above all others. The logo will be used for promotional material - artwork that you sell, or post on websites.

Painting logos design

Painting logos is a great way to express your creative side. Whether you want to paint a logo on a t-shirt, billboard, poster, or canvas, it helps you get into the spirit of things and is perfect for creating original art that you can proudly display. Painting logos can be a lot of fun because you can experiment with colors and shapes.

Art gallery logos desigb

Art websites should be quite creative when it comes to designing their logos. These images should be aesthetically pleasing, or they can be abstract in nature. Some are colorful, while others use black-and-white symbolism to represent the artsy concept.

No one realizes the importance of an art gallery logo until they see a bad one. A great logo can make your gallery stand out, and conversely a poor logo is likely to make people want to run away. Creating an effective art gallery logo takes careful planning and consideration for what makes it suitable for different audiences (local artists, collectors, etc).

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