Free abstract logo design

Do you need a free abstract logo for your project or business? offers you abstract logos in a great diversity and at a special quality. When we think about the term of abstract, we identify odd shapes and unidentifiable patterns. Creating abstract logos is a smart choice by which designers manage to make their designs unique.

We have a wide selection of abstract logos for you to choose from. Abstract logos are simple, elegant, and minimalistic. They are made up of geometric shapes in solid colors with clean lines. These logos work well for startups or design agencies that want a refreshing new look at a low price point. Check out our collection below!

Visually appealing logos

If you're unsure of what shape to choose for your company logo, whether it's a fish with a bow tie or a chevron in the shape of an arrowhead, you may try an abstract shape. Though it may not be as lucrative as many other options — whether you're designing for startups or big business — it can still get your foot in the door when you're seeking out new clients and funds.

Browse our collection and you will definitely find the right one for you. Our general goal is to create original and professional logo templates. Abstract logos are simple, elegant, and minimalistic. They are made up of geometric shapes in solid colors with clean lines. These logos work well for startups or design agencies that want a refreshing new look.

If you're looking for an abstract logo that's already complete and ready to use, we have the perfect solution for you! You can browse our list of available entries on and select one to download instantly with no obligation or cost to you.

Abstract logos were initially popular with small businesses and startups, but recently large companies have turned their attention to this type of logo design. When we talk about this type of design, we refer to the representation of an idea or a value rather than providing a direct message.

Generic logo design

Generic logos are used to identify a company in a way that's not specific to all the goods or services they provide. These simple, non-representational symbols are an economical — and often preferred — alternative for many companies where there may be some overlap but no single logo would be applicable to all of the company's products.

A generic logo can help prevent misunderstanding and angering customers by inadvertently advertising or selling their competitors' products. It can also save money because it requires only one design instead of having separate designs for each line of business. For these reasons, many companies prefer generic logos over more personalized ones, especially in industries like banking where there is considerable overlap between different brands.

Linear logos

Do you love the idea of a logo that stays with your company for years to come, but loathe the idea of paying an expensive designer? If so, consider trying out our linear logos.

Linear logos are a trend in logo design that doesn't add any stylized shapes or embellishments to your company's name; instead it simply includes just text without any lines or curves. The wordmark is often set in Arial Narrow typeface (with no serifs) and can be selected from both black & white and custom colors. The logo is also usually placed on a solid colored background.

Several of the world's biggest corporations have used linear logos to, quite literally, put their businesses on the map. The New York Times, Sesame Street and Washington Post are just a few companies that have become famous for their linear logos.

More than just a feeling

What do we think of when we talk about an abstract logo? It can be irregular shapes or looking weird. A large part of today's logos fall into the abstract category. This is a common approach among companies.

This type of logo incorporates several concepts and feelings in the same symbol, it is recommended for those who have a lot to say. Such a logo may include symbols, lines, shapes, patterns and other elements that communicate the brand message in an unconventional way.

Our collection of logos from the abstract category, comes to your aid when you are lacking inspiration. You can find here some amazing and creative items. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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