About RovenLogos

RovenLogos is a project by the Roven team and aims to be a source of free Logos for personal and commercial use.

Our Team

The Roven team is a small team of IT enthusiasts.

Our design team has created nearly 1000 logo concepts for our business customers. Since each of our customers was presented with 3 to 10 logo concepts, and they only choose one, hundreds of great logo concepts were sitting in our archives collecting dust.

The Roven Logos website was created with the goal of sharing those logo designs with the world, for free.

Our philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves an amazing logo.

We believe someone starting a new business shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to get an amazing logo.

We believe that business owners know their business the best and are creative enough to choose the logo that best represents their business, given the chance.

We believe that logo design should be affordable for everyone!

So if you don’t need a custom logo or if you do not need a logo customzied, you can get a great logo from roven Logos for free. And if you need a custom logo you can get it at a very affordable price through our custom logo service.


Since we want the most people to be able to use the logos we decided to release them under the CC0 License. You can read more about the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license and why we choose it here.

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