Usually, the norm says that a good logo can be summed up by a regular person in just three lines. That what makes a good logo – good. The fact that it’s easily recognisable, it’s memorable and it’s easy to explain.
However, some of the world’s most important companies and brands have a secret meaning behind their famous logos. You may be shocked to find out what was lying in front of your eyes all this time, without even knowing it.
Let analyse 5 famous logos that have hidden messages behind them. What are they? What do they represent and how come you didn’t notice this earlie

1. Carrefour

Carrefour is the giant French retailer, and one of the world’s largest stores. It’s available all around the globe, and it’s the number 1 retailer in Europe. While it’s logo may not appear to hide anything at first, that couldn’t be falser.

In French, “carrefour” means “crossroads”, and this is indicated in the logo features. This is quite visible, so it’s not that shocking. What will blow your mind is the fact that the negative space inside the logo is actually the letter “C”. C – for Carrefour!

2. Amazon

Amazon, the American online retailer founded by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, has a little more to show with its logo than one might notice at first glance. You probably shop on Amazon on a regular basis, just like most people do, but how often do you look at the logo?

Well, here’s the trick. The yellow arrow underneath the word “Amazon” goes from “a” to “z” subtly communicating that the online store offers everything from A to Z.

3. Apple

Apple, a company that needs no other presentation and with possibly one of the world’s most famous logos. What is there to say about this iconic apple? Theories behind the secret message behind this famous logo imply biblical roots.

It is said that Apple’s logo derives from the story of Adam and Eve, the apple being the fruit Eve bit from in the Bible, the fruit belonging to the Tree of Knowledge. How’s that for a story?

4. Picasa

Google probably has the widest array of products and service out of any tech giant out there. Picasa is one of their most recognisable websites and guess what? There’s a story behind this logo too.

At first, the logo seems to be the camera shutter, but if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the shutter’s center is actually a house. A home. The word “casa” means “home” in Spanish, making Picasa the home for all your photos. Now that’s how you build a powerful logo with a strong message!

5. Beats

BEATS by Dre is one of the fastest growing companies and one of the fastest to reach the status o billion-dollar company. The logo shows the letter “b” before the word “beats” and that’s actually a pair of headphones sitting on a round human head.

It’s simple, to the point, and very meaningful. Everybody recognizes this logo now, making it one of the best designed by any tech company so far.

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